Lodge Grass is well known for lovely gardens and exotic landscaping. Find out about the top Lodge Grass lawn care specialists.


Making the Most of Landscaping Design

Once a landscaping design project is completed our Lodge Grass landscapers can maintain landscaping of existing homes and help new homeowner and builders make their homes into a lovely paradise full of color and greenery. Our professional landscape artists can help select plants and flowers that will make the best of a home’s location. Some species do better in shade or full sun. So, exposure is essential to their existence. A north facing wall may better allow for some species but be too shaded for others, for example.


Choosing the right Vegetation for your Landscaping Designs

Similarly, there are plants and flowers that need a lot of water or humidity and others prefer a dryer space. Our professionals know the endemic species of Lodge Grass plants and can help make selections, additions or replacements that will thrive and make a home feel and look like a tropical retreat for the life of its inhabitants.
Maintaining the landscaping of the home is something Lodge Grass landscapers take special pride in. Our landscapers are trained professionals who know the importance of maintaining lush gardens, grasses and trees in the state. They are familiar with trimming, pruning, mowing and cutting all the trees and species of plants native to Lodge Grass. See why so many  trust Lodge Grass Landscaping with their outdoor space.

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